Created with a series of ribs, programmatic spaces float throughout the boathouse to facilitate the three key users of the space: the Visitor, the Spectator and the Rower. Following the boat-shell transportation rail, Buoyancy, Tread, and Cage builds a logic of circulation and program perforated by transparencies and opacities. Unraveling tread stairs divert the three users to their respective program while uniting them in an airy light filled semi-enclosed, caged interior. Visitors, Spectators, and Rowers alike are hugged and enclosed by light boxes--buoyant as the rowing shells transported along the horizontal rail system.

West elevation and plan (above) illustrates the building’s transparent and opaque nature.

The lateral section illustrates the rib and glass curtain wall, membrane system.

Ground plan of the structure demonstrates the approach for the Visitor, Spectator and Rower along the horizontal system.

A longitudinal section depicts the programmatic spaces suspended throughout the building.

An interior render of the rowing tanks
Detailed wall section helps elucidate the complexities of the structural systems—depicting the interaction of the circulation rail, glass membrane enclosure, rib system, and movable rack.
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